Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  When was the beginning of Trimble High School Football?

A:  Glouster had the first football team formed after school began in the fall of 1919, Jacksonville-Trimble high school formed their first team five years after they opened in 1932.  The two schools consolidated in 1964 under the name Glouster High School.  When the school moved to outside of Jacksonville in 1973, the name was changed to reflect the township, thus Trimble High School

Q:  How did we get the nickname "TOMCATS"?

A:  Coach Carl Bachman gave Glouster High School the name in 1929*
Coach Bachman third row back, second from the left, and the 1929 Glouster Tomcats
Q:  How did we get the colors Red, White, and Gray?

A:  For GHS, again, Coach Carl Bachman selected the colors red and gray in 1929.  J-T high school was red and white.*

Q:  When, where, and against who was our first game ever?

A:  Glouster High School - October 5, 1919 at Murray City High School (lost 14-0)
     J-T High School - 1932, and I'm still researching that
     Post Consolidation - 1964 Glouster Memorial Stadium versus the Buchtel-York Bruins (win 12-0)

Q:  When was our first league championship?

A:  Glouster High School - 1942 Big Six Conference (now the Muskingum Valley League)
     J-T High School - 1936 Little Five Conference
     Post Consolidation - 1968 Mid-Ohio Valley Conference

Q:  What's the story with the Tri-Valley Conference and the divisions, etc?

A:  The TVC formed in 1970, Trimble "officially" entered the league in 1977, but we didn't have all of the league teams on our schedule, so our first season participating in league play was 1978.  The 1992 season was the last year of the "combined" TVC.  The season of 1993 featured the Ohio Division (Meigs, Wellston, Nelsonville-York, Belpre, Vinton County) and the Hocking Division (Trimble, Alexander, Federal Hocking, Miller, Southern, Eastern).  In 1997 Alexander moved to the Ohio Division and Waterford entered the Hocking Division.  In 2008 Athens joined the TVC-Ohio. In 2010 Belpre will transfer to, and South Gallia will join the Hocking Division

Q: Who played QB for the Tomcats in ______?
A: 1964 Floyd Russell               1965 Floyd Russell                1966 Ernie Chalfant
    1967 Denny Davis                1968 Denny Davis                 1969 Denny Davis
    1970 Dave Meade                 1971 Dave Meade                  1972 Denny Gillott
    1973 Stu Patton                    1974 Stu Patton                     1975 Kevin Meade
    1976 Kevin Meade                1977 Kevin Meade                  1978 Mike Roback
    1979 Mike Roback                1980 Mike Roback                 1981 Mark Echtenskamper
    1982 Mark Echtenskamper     1983 Paul Jewell                    1984 Paul Jewell
    1985 Denny Davis                 1986 Denny Davis                 1987 Roger Bingman
    1988 Roger Bingman             1989 Roger Bingman              1990 Roger Bingman
    1991 Rusty Richards             1992 Rusty Richards              1993 Rusty Richards
    1994 Zach Miller                   1995 Zach Miller                    1996 Zach Miller
    1997 Brady Trace                  1998 Brady Trace                  1999 Bobby Trace
    2000 Bobby Trace                 2001 Bobby Trace                  2002 A.J. Jenkins
    2003 A.J. Jenkins                  2004 Terry Holbert                 2005 Anthony Dixon
    2006 Issac Standley               2007 Issac Standley                2008 Kacey Cruse

*information from the Trimble Local Textbook and Supplies Foundation Calendar 2005